Earn bonus CommBank Awards points with hotel bookings via Kaligo

Earn 15 CommBank Awards points on Kaligo hotel bookings with your CommBank Awards card in addition to your regular points earn.  


Kaligo can be a great way to pick up frequent flyer miles for programs that reside outside of Australia, such as Singapore Airlines and Etihad, which are generally difficult to earn domestically. A relatively new option is the ability to earn CommBank Awards points from your Kaligo bookings, instead of frequent flyer points. These can be later converted to Velocity Points or used in the CommBank Awards store. 

The current earn rate is 15 CommBank Awards points per dollar spent on Kaligo with your CommBank credit card, in addition to the regular earn rate from your card (depending on its type).

This option may be useful for people looking to top up their CommBank Awards balances.

My very first credit card and rewards credit card was with CommBank, however I have since moved away from the program finding alternatives that offer much better value.