Qantas Club access for Bronze and Silver frequent flyers

Haven’t racked up enough Status Credits yet to reach Gold or Platinum status with Qantas yet? No problem, there are plenty of other ways to gain access to the lounge if you’re only Bronze or Silver. Here’s a summary of the top ways.

Credit card vouchers

Many Qantas Points linked credit cards offer complimentary lounge invitations as part of your annual card fee, such as American Express, ANZ, Westpac and Qantas Premiere. Some cards, such as Westpac, require you to make a minimum spend with Qantas prior to them sending the vouchers. Other cards simply require a phone call to the credit card company to confirm the address. It’s worth checking the terms of your card to see if it includes any lounge passes.

Silver lounge invitation

If you’ve reached Silver status with Qantas Frequent Flyer you’re in luck. As a Silver member you’ll receive one single entry lounge access pass that can be used domestically at Qantas Club locations or internationally in Qantas Business Lounge locations. Unfortunately third party lounges are excluded from these vouchers.

Oneworld or Emirates status

If you’re a Oneworld Sapphire member, you’ll have access to Qantas’ network of domestic and international lounges. If it’s not printed on your boarding pass, just show your airline status card to gain entry. During peak times it’s possible you may be denied entry as per Oneworld rules, but in this case there will likely be other lounges to choose from.

Provided you’re not travelling between Australia and North/South America, your Emirates status should gain you access into Qantas lounges worldwide. Just show your Skywards card at the door.

Guest access

If you’re travelling with a friend who has status, the most convenient and cheapest option is for them to simply ‘guest’ you into the lounge. Most frequent flyer tiers offer you the ability to take one or more guests into the lounge. Qantas Gold members can bring along one guest and Qantas Platinum members can bring two. Depending on the operating airline and location, the conditions of this entry may change – so check the Qantas website for full details.

Fly more often

Of course the most obvious way to get yourself guaranteed Qantas Club access is to fly more often so that you can reach Qantas Gold. Even better, if you reach Qantas Platinum you’ll score access into the Qantas Domestic Business Class lounges and International First Class lounges.

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