Qantas 737 Business Class, Brisbane to Christchurch review


Qantas offers a solid product for Trans-Tasman Business Class travellers with a daily service from Brisbane to Christchurch. It’s not as flashy as Emirate’s A380 super jumbo, but Qantas’ personable and friendly service excels at creating a seamless and enjoyable short haul Business Class trip.

Lounge 4/5

The ‘make your own’ fruit juicer is amazing

Travellers booked in Business Class with Qantas departing from Brisbane International have access to the newly renovated and fantastic Qantas Brisbane International Lounge. Split over two levels, the lounge offers a bright and open space with made-to-order breakfast items, full buffet, bar and freshly squeezed juices. Lookout for a full review on this blog coming soon.

The daily Brisbane to Christchurch service is scheduled to depart at 8:50 am, a fairly convenient time.

Boarding 4/5

I arrived at the gate fairly late, but there was clear delineation between Economy and Business Class boarding. Once onboard, I was offered an introduction and something to drink. Since I was going on holiday for the weekend I opted for the Champagne.

Cabin Features 3.5/5


Qantas operates a dual-class Boeing 737 service between Brisbane and Christchurch with 12 Business Class seats across 3 rows at the front. All Qantas Trans-Tasman services are currently Boeing 737 aircraft with Sydney to Auckland upgrading to the A330 later this year.

The 737 cabin is fairly run of the mill, and certainly not as exciting as the Emirates A380 Trans-Tasman services. But, in all fairness, most aircraft operating across the ditch are narrow body aircraft similar to this. Infact, Air New Zealand doesn’t even have Business Class on their Trans-Tasman A320s.

Seat 3.5/5

For this flight, there were only 3 other seats allocated when I booked, and I decided to sit in row 2 with a window seat to get views of the Southern Alps when flying over New Zealand.

The seat is essentially the same as the domestic Business Class product Qantas flies around the country, which is fine for short haul sectors like this one. The legroom is good, the seat is fairly wide and there is enough space for a drink on the side table without having to have the tray table down the whole time.

Unfortunately I found that the entertainment screen was beginning to show its age, with a fairly small screen, relatively low resolution and poor touch response. Having recently flown on Qantas’ renovated A330s to Japan, this product is definitely showing its age.

Dining 4/5


Given the morning departure, breakfast was the meal service available on the flight. Menus were distributed before takeoff and consisted of 3 options. I opted for the savoury muffin and poached eggs with sausage and spinach. The meal was good but not the best breakfast I’ve had inflight.

Service 4.5/5

Service on the flight was faultless. The staff took the time to introduce themselves and really made every effort to ensure I was comfortable and fed. I had several glasses of champagne throughout the flight and service was regular enough that I didn’t have to press the call bell.

Entertainment 3/5


Qantas had a good selection of movies and TV shows available for the flight. I always tend to find content I enjoy when flying on Qantas and their selection appears to be more extensive than Virgin’s. As mention earlier, my only gripe was the size and resolution of the entertainment screen. It’s certainly showing its age and would be good to see an upgrade in the near future.

Business Class passengers are provided with over the ear headphones for the flight however I opted to stick with my trusty Bose QuietComfort 35s which are outstanding (I highly recommend).


Overall, Qantas offers a solid Business Class product between Brisbane and Christchurch. The service lacks the ‘wow factor’ that Emirates offers but the staff really help to create a fulfilling and satisfying experience. My only complaint is that Qantas is lacking behind with its outdated entertainment screens.

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