Chrome AwardFinder app and Qantas Two Factor Authentication

One of the best apps for searching Qantas award space is the excellent Chrome AwardFinder app. Unfortunately the application has stopped working for many people now that Qantas is requiring two-factor authentication for users logging in. This consists of Qantas sending an SMS with a six digit code that must be entered into your account after logging in before access is granted.

Luckily there’s an easy solution to resolve this in the AwardFinder app. The method consists of enabling ‘Debug mode’ and manually entering the six digit authentication code when the screen pops up.

‘Debug mode’ can be found by heading to the Settings section by clicking the gear on the top right corner of the main screen.

 AwardFinder settings page
AwardFinder settings page

Once ‘Debug mode’ has been turned on, start by conducting your search as normal. Once you receive the SMS from Qantas, enter the code into the screen at the bottom.

 Qantas Two Factor Authentication
Qantas Two Factor Authentication

Once the code has been accepted, simply restart your search from the top. The app should then continue to work as per normal by populating flight options. Whilst it’s doing so you’ll continue to see the searches being carried out – a peak behind the magic (this is because ‘Debug mode’ is on).

 Search working after logging in with Qantas Two Factor Authentication
Search working after logging in with Qantas Two Factor Authentication

You’ll need to enter your two-factor authentication each time you’ve been idle for more than 25 minutes. Enjoy!

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