Earn Velocity Points with Jetts

Earn Velocity Points whilst getting fit with Jetts.


If you’re a Velocity Frequent Flyer member and looking for a gym to join to get in shape during winter, consider Jetts. Velocity members can earn Velocity Points on their fitness spend and also bonus points for making regular visits to the gym.

 Earning Velocity Points with Jetts
Earning Velocity Points with Jetts

Every $1 spent on your membership will yield 2 Velocity Points. In addition to this, if you visit 5 or more Jetts clubs in any month you’ll receive 60 bonus Velocity Points.

Unfortunately this offering is not as rewarding as the Qantas and Snap Fitness partnership, which would definitely yield more points. Either way, it’s a nice added benefit if you were already looking at spending money on a gym membership.

Author: Admin

I fly regularly for work and leisure. My family has an entrenched background in aviation and I have loved flying since an early age. Nowadays my efforts are focused on collecting points to enjoy premium cabin experiences on long haul flights from Australia to Europe/United States and Asia.

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