Qantas is offering 1000 bonus points for Woolworths Rewards transfers

Woolworths Rewards allows shoppers to redeem either $10 Woolworths credit or 870 Qantas Points when their points balance reaches 2000 Woolworths Points. For a limited time, Qantas is offering 1000 bonus Qantas Points for customers who reach 2000 Woolworths Points before 13 March 2017.

This promotion was emailed to frequent flyers with the following terms and conditions:

To get 1000 bonus Qantas Points with Woolworths, you must be a member of Woolworths Rewards, link your Qantas Frequent Flyer number to your Woolworths Rewards account, opt-in to convert your Woolworths Dollars to Qantas Points and reach your next 2000 Woolworths Points by 9pm 13 March 2017. Every 2000 Woolworths Points earned will be converted to 10 Woolworths Dollars which will then be converted to 870 Qantas Points. The next conversion by Woolworths will occur on 15 March 2017, to be part of this conversion, you need to select Qantas Points as your reward option by 9pm 13 March 2017.

In general, the airline points earn rate from both Woolworths/Qantas and Coles/Velocity is not great, equating to only 0.435 points per dollar with both programs. This offer boosts the earn rate to 0.935 Qantas Points per dollar spent, which is much more respectable.

Read my guide on earning airline points from supermarket shopping for tips on maximising your supermarket spend.

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