Earn points with 28 day Qantas Assure trial

Qantas Assure is a health insurance offering launched by Qantas and NIB in 2016. Policy holders can earn Qantas Points on their policy spend (1 point per $) in addition to the unique ‘Wellness Rewards’ program, which offers Qantas Points in return for being active. 

Wellness Rewards works on your iOS or Android device and allows you to set daily and weekly walking and cycling challenges that’ll earn you Qantas Points. Qantas has recently begun offering a free 28 day trial of the app that allows you to earn points without having a paid Qantas Assure policy. After the 28 trial, any additional points you accumulate will be locked (up to 3000) and can only be unlocked by purchasing an insurance policy.

As a long time Fitbit and now Apple Watch user, I really enjoy using this app and think they’ve managed to balance the reward and earn rates well. The app is well designed and offers a solid amount of data and history tracking.

I am fairly happy with my current health insurer and so haven’t yet taken the plunge into a Qantas Assure policy, but earning points for your fitness activities is certainly a fun and addictive game. It’s worth noting that the various policies have an annual limit to how many points you can earn through the Wellness Rewards program, which is worth checking before buying a policy.

Download App


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