Earn bonus airline points with Netflix, iCloud and iTunes

It’s fairly easy to pick up a few bonus points over and above the usual credit card points you’d receive on each dollar of entertainment spend by following a few simple tricks. As always, this involves optimising your spend with retailers who award bonus points for purchases.

iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes purchases such as TV Shows and Movies along with subscription products Apple Music, iCloud and Netflix can be paid for with iTunes Store credit. iTunes Store credit can be topped up with iTunes Gift Cards, which are available from many Australian retailers including Coles and Woolworths.

The benefit of buying iTunes Gift Cards instead of paying directly on your credit card is two fold: (1) the big supermarkets often run discounts of 10-25% off the purchase price, and (2) you can earn 3 points per dollar on supermarket spend with the American Express Platinum Edge credit card.

If you can score a 20% discount on a Gift Card, this will bring the monthly Netflix subscription plan down by the same amount, so a $12 subscription would drop to $9.60 and give you 28 Membership Rewards points in the process, convertible to your airline of choice.


If you’ve already signed up to Netflix, unfortunately you’ll have to cancel your subscription before being able to switch your billing over to iTunes. Once the service is cancelled, simply login to your account on an iOS device or Apple TV, which should offer up the option to pay with iTunes.

Your iTunes account should use all of your iTunes Store credit before attempting to bill your registered credit card. As long as you keep topping up your account with Gift Cards, you’ll keep optimising your points and your discounts.

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